Nautilus is the proposal of a federated initiative, i.e. one establishing both co-existence and co-action between collaborative subjects, teams, communities, organizations not centralized in the implementation, execution and management of scientific research tasks, activities and projects focused on the emerging field of Big Data in Health.



Nautilus’s aim is to conduct innovative and integrative research in challenging areas of biomedicine that present big data complexities, and require systems’ inference approaches. Included fields are Electronic Health Records, Mobile-, Smart and Connected Health, Digital biomarkers, Network Science, Computational Imaging, Visual Medical Analytics, Clinical Decision Support Systems.



“Nautilus”  is the fictional submarine helmed by Captain Nemo and featured in Jules Verne‘s novels Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870) and The Mysterious Island (1874). Verne named the Nautilus after Robert Fulton‘s real-life submarine (1800) (source: Wikipedia). Verne, a man who was inspired by scientific thinking and reading, assimilated concepts from engineering advances into his fictional creations. Verne has been considered one of the Explorers of the Infinite (Sam Moskowitz).

The Nautilus is a superlative idea to represent the challenge we are up to: Big Data.

Since we can’t “explore the infinite” like Verne, we’ll limit our attention to Big Data in Health!


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